Strategist #HealthyFastFood
To develop a creative idea and sampling mechanism for the Velle oat products promotion. The main goal of the campaign was to attract opinion leaders and motivate them to talk about the product on social media. 
The idea of the promo campaign was "The first healthy fast food" with a burger box packaging for the Velle products along with a XXXXL size T-shirt with the motto "Feel light!" with a wish that this T-shirt would never be their size and a postcard with a request to support the product by uploading a photo with #MyVelle hashtag. 
The Velle sampling list included media personalities who openly advocate for proper nutrition. As a result of the sampling, more than 80% of recipients of the product box created branded content on their Instagram, a photo with the product with #MyVelle hashtag, along with a unique message about Velle easily solving actual problems with finding a quick snack that satisfies hunger with low-calorie and healthy products. 
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