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At toddstreet, I developed a brainstorm workshop for understanding which social engagement tactics would be most effective depending on the audience and their user behaviors. In this 1-hour exercise, we broke out into teams and embodied the end user's psychographics to come up with a list of social activations to pitch to the USSA team. #engagement
Brainstorm Activity #1: "Define the Common Characteristics" (20 minutes) 
Targeting our message to our audience is how we advertise and market. We develop a marketing strategy and create the message that talks to each audience directly in order to evoke an emotional attachment so they take the action we are seeking from them. The message is the core of the brand and for the audience to create a positive image, it has to meet their wants, needs and desires. 
Message targeting customizes messages to shared characteristics of population subgroups, such as lifestyle factors, i.e. volunteers who want to make a difference or parents who want their children to become professional Olympic athletes. 
What do you think are some of the common (lifestyle or behavioral) characteristics for each end-group in the chart below? (See #1 to #9)
Brainstorm Activity #2: "Target and Ideate" (20 minutes) 
Based on the common characteristics of each audience group, how can we tailor our messages to attract and inspire the members of our groups? Adding another layer of variation, each of our audiences is a fan of either one of five sport categories (Alpine, Freestyle, Nordic, Freeskiing, Snowboarding) or all of them. Keep in mind, an Alpine fan vs. Snowboarding fan have different "characteristics" to account for... 
Taking the overarching (and ongoing) USA campaigns: "Best in the World", "We Are Next" and "What Makes a Champ", let's think of ideas (and channels) on how we can leverage these messages tailored to our audiences. 
Write in the answers below. 
Team Effort 
The team effort was phenomenal, and the results were on point. 
The Results
As a result, we grouped the 9 different categories into three main groups with a key insight and social engagement plan for each: Potential Viewers, Viewers and Participants
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