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An Experiential Storytelling Agency and a Home for Creatives, Curators and Industry Thought Leaders that Work Together to Transform Brands through the Art Experience Platform®. Founded by Inna Ulanova and Daniil Sergeev​​​​​​​
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Our Vision
Open dialogue on key topics in society and culture, with fine arts and brands at the forefront of the conversation. This is called the Art Experience Platform ® .
We aim to disrupt the art scene and redefine branding in both the physical and digital space so that the consumption of brands and the appreciation of fine art merge to connect communities, ignite conversations and change perception.
Art Experience Platform®
An art experience platform is a custom-fit approach for brand engagement.
We work with brands that want to be at the forefront of conversation on a topic in the culture & society. Instead of product launches, we encourage brands to take a new approach to revealing themselves and what’s in store through an art experience.
We work with a network of fine artists and curators to establish multi-sensory brand experiences to deeply penetrate the minds of their consumers to experience their brand and build loyalty, and not just purchase and consume.
•Art Creation, Curation and Direction
•Multi-sensory Brand Experience

House of Curation
A home for creatives, curators and industry thought leaders to thrive and collaborate on shared projects.
We connect a network of fine artists, creators and curators together on one platform to enable a pick-and-choose approach per project.
This is a first platform of its kind where brands can choose which artists or groups they’d like to work with by exploring the portfolio house.
A key functionality to this platform is allowing all stakeholders of the project to face-time and collaborate, for art’s sake.
•Hive Network of creative minds and creators
•Portfolio house
•Face-time for art's sake  
Reason for Existence
We noticed that the fine arts world and experiential, branding and advertising worlds are on separate hemispheres with overlapping planes with untapped opportunities and unfulfilled potential.
The fine arts world, including painters, sculptors, street artists, musicians, and dancers, work to perfect their craft and inspire the world. Curators, art galleries and museums focus on displaying that craft to the public eye. Agencies advertise and brand the experiences. The worlds rarely collide to become one holistic experience for the consumer. Furthermore, we rarely see the brand at the forefront with an artist statement. Brands influence consumers, and fine art world is a response to a circumstance. It’s time for brands to speak louder than ever.
We exist to bring the Art Experience Platform® to the forefront of brand activity, to create new forms of dialogue and open up channels for consumers to experience brands through aesthetic and bold art.
Artists and brands unite.
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