Experience Strategist #Ricoh
The team at toddstreet produced the Customer Experience Center for Ricoh USA, and won a gold for best in permanent and pop-up retail experience for the 2017 Experience Design & Technology Awards by Event Marketer. 
My role on this project was to develop the strategy for the user journey and to define the goals and objectives, making this a remarkable and informative space for customers and Ricoh clients to visit and learn more about Ricoh's Information Mobility and products. 
- Bring the brand personality to life 
- Create a brand story and modernize the aesthetic
- Relate Information Mobility across verticals 
- Contextualize products and services in specific verticals 
- Increase customer loyalty 
- Increase sales 
- Raise brand awareness and create brand advocacy 
Customer Journey Map  
1 – Brand Identity
Branding is integrated throughout the entire journey, however the beginning of the customer journey aims to emotionally engage the customer to the brand prior to their learning and transactional experience in the portal. The main components to the Brand space are the Façade, Entry/Waiting Room, and Product Gallery.
2 – Vertical Needs
The Vertical Needs space sets up the vertical journey experience, where the needs are identified per vertical. The main component to the Vertical Needs space is the vertical journey experience.
3 – Transactional
The Vertical Solutions space is the main transactional space, where the solutions are identified per vertical. The main component of the Vertical Solutions space is the Hub Immersion.
4 – Solutions Technology
The Product Solutions space is an informational space that sets up the customer to learn more about the variety and diversity of products prior to entering the production/demonstration space. The main components of this space are the info stations and the product displays.
5 – Production
The Production space is the final experience in the customer journey where the customer is able to demo the products. This culminates the purpose of all prior experiences, so that the customer has a tangible result to walk away with. The main component of this space is the product laboratory demo.
W – New World of Work
The New World of Work spaces are innovative and collaborative spaces for working. There are three different rooms integrated throughout the entire experience including immersion booths, a workshop and a boardroom.
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