Copywriter #FirmaBible
Worked with the Firma Family team to create a set of canonical rules, principles and guides for the advertising world.
«They have nothing sacred to them!» — cried the cynical public about us advertisers. And indeed, at the moment we really didn’t have anything sacred. As quick adapters, we decided to create something so sanctified, no body would question us again — our very own Scriptures — FIRMA BIBLE.
FIRMA BIBLE — is a set of canonical rules, principles and guides, which are considered the only sacred and acceptable format to follow for all FIRMA agency staff members. The first chapter — «What is FIRMA» — depicts the beginning of our story, and its anatomical structure. In the chapter «Code of FIRMA» are the basic 11 commandments, which guide the creation of each project.
Our Bible preaches the rules of proper management. Our rules are inviolable, our dogma is sacred — Firma.
It’s time for you to be enlightened and join the sacred cult of advertising lingo. For an electronic copy, see here. Amen.
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