Lead Strategist and Market Researcher #CityPoint
The team at toddstreet developed an integrated communications plan, website strategy, advertising, social activations and event concepts for City Point, a multi-use space and entertainment center in downtown Brooklyn. 
As we took on the task to materialize the true essence of the brand "For Brooklyn, By Brooklyn" in a series of creative executions, our first step was grounded in research on the downtown Brooklyn area and the target audience. ​​​​​​​
Market Research 
We looked at the target audience, the developing area and nearby retailers, as well as the competitors in the market on a global scale to define the unique value proposition that City Point had to offer to the community. 
Competitive Research
Doing a web crawl on interesting multi-use spaces across the globe, we chose the top six that were closest to the vision of City Point to inform our website and digital strategy. 
Website Strategy 
Figuring out the key components and offerings equipped with what it takes to create a clean and simple user experience, we dived into building out the sitemap.  
And then the fun began! We ideated, ran creative workshops for brainstorming, and refined our thinking into a series of great, smart designs that stayed true to the vision of City Point and the Brooklyn community at large. 
Social Engagement
The main KPI at toddstreet is to engage minds. So with the social strategy for City Point, we were in our home territory! Here are some of our social activation ideas (just a tease) for what else we can offer you. 
“Find the Brooklyn Gem" 
A digital scavenger hunt, featuring a series of image-based clues scattered across multiple City Point digital channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the website. Each “clue” will be a piece of a final image. Once a user collects all the clues to the puzzle, they will they see the final image.
The purpose of this social activation is to bridge the gap between City Point and Brooklyn. Show appreciation for its roots, before creating own roots. 
“What's Your Brooklyn Story”
A traveling video booth, starting at a 5 mi. radius from City Point, and then traveling closer in (2.5mi, 1mi, .5mi) with a final stop @ City Point. 
Each location will have a different CTA, and the video booth will give you 10 - 45 seconds to tell your story about Brooklyn, based off the location’s theme. What’s your favorite Brooklyn musician? What’s your favorite spot to eat in Brooklyn? Where do you love to go to get some down time in Brooklyn?  All submissions are emailed to user with hashtag #MYBROOKLYNSTORY to share on social media. 
We’re connecting City Point back to the people of downtown Brooklyn. It’s the Brooklyn Story, and the people have always been the heart of Brooklyn. People are the point. City Point.

“Brooklyn Is”
An Instagram takeover ran by people of downtown Brooklyn. Each day, a new account will take over the City Point Instagram, to show you their “typical day” in Brooklyn. It’s the people’s curation of Brooklyn, showcasing the experimental vibes of Brooklyn from different perspectives living in the downtown Brooklyn area. #BrooklynIs

Agency: toddstreet 
Phone: 212.966.5900

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