Head of Strategy #LMOCA 
The team was tasked to create the brand identity for the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, opening in Riga on 18 November 2021, as the first contemporary art museum in Latvia. We defined the brand platform, including brand attributes, values, personality (tone of voice), storyline and architecture. Then we designed logo options and usage guidelines for the website, tickets, brochures, gift-shop bags and cafe applications. 
The goal was for the museum to "be the most visited art museum in the Baltics" and for "the museum to be a place where people genuinely feel at home, welcome by its open-mindedness, creative atmosphere and love of intellectual play ignited by contemporary art."
Our Process
The team followed a strict process in order to define all story components and fulfill the design thinking process, with smart designs and a coherent storyline. 
The Story 
There were two main concepts that came to formation. 
The first root, or concept, was "Art Meets Progress" about the intersections between history, the arts and Latvian culture. 
The second root was "Open City" about flexibility and the freedom of interpretation in the arts, opening the borders for the global community to witness the significance of Latvian cultural expression. 
Working with these two main concepts, we developed the logo and brand elements that revealed the story.
Design 1.1. The "Directional L" for "Art Meets Progress" 
Designer: Indgila Samad Ali 
© 2017. All rights reserved.
Intersections are a symbol of progress. It is about the point of intersections where people, art, and culture meet.
The L is the key directional arrow and apex that navigates as a northern star, changing either its angle, size, or dimension, symbolizing a new point of view and perspective each time.
Design 1.2.  The 'Monumental L' for "Art Meets Progress" 
Designer: Yuval Cohen
© 2017. All rights reserved.
New dimensions symbolize new perspectives.
The ‘monumental L’ is responsive and changes in size to symbolize steadfast growth and aptitude to evolve. As it stands proudly, it represents a strong foundation for progress in Latvian arts, culture, and community.
Design 2.1. "Magnifying Glass" for "Open City" 
Designer: Ira Ivanova
© 2017. All rights reserved.
Open horizons and no borders symbolize freedom for the arts and cultural expression.
We magnify the location on the map within the global context, and eliminate all outlines and solid shapes, opening the location for the rest of the world to see the arts and culture that take place in Riga, Latvia.
Design 2.2. "Peek-a-boo" for "Open City" 
Designer: Ira Ivanova
© 2017. All rights reserved.
What was once hidden is now open.
Peer inside and take a look. It has been there all along, but now it is open for all to see. Eliminating defined shapes and adding the free-form, we ignite a sense of free play for the audience to see inside the world of Latvian contemporary art. This is an open space for you to open up your mind and senses to engage with the arts like never before.
Manifesto Videos  
Last but not least, we packaged the two main concepts, and developed short manifesto videos to speak to the stories. 
© 2017. All rights reserved.
Team-A, for Amazing
Design Competition Semi-Finalist Team:
Lead Project Manager: Daniil Sergeev 
Strategy Director and Writer: Inna Ulanova
Designer: Yuval Cohen 
Designer: Ira Ivanova 
Designer: Indgila Samad Ali 
3D Designer: Andrew Tupikin
Motion Designer: Gleb Dombrowskiy 
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