Branding and Digital Marketing Strategy #tapwithin
Beautytap is a leading marketplace for Korean and Asian beauty products and skincare regimens. 
The key insight at the onset of this project was: It's cool to be you. Being beautiful is being yourself. This changed a lot about the repositioning of Beautytap, a leading marketplace for K-beauty. We recognized that although beauty products are used to enhance "outer" beauty, what sells the most is health & wellness (a healthy glow) and skincare regimes with an emphasis on building confidence and self-care. From a data analytics standpoint, the 10-step skincare regimen also proved to be the highest trending digital topic for K-Beauty on social media and google searches. 
This discovery set us up for success to help shape a communications plan and digital strategy to influence loyalists and newcomers alike to become a part of the Beautytap community and become advocates for the brand with a new campaign for self-care called #tapwithin
The five main tasks were to: 
•    Conduct market research and digital audit to create a competitive marketing plan for K-Beauty in the US 
•    Create a series of new customer acquisitions and lead nurture programs for email, paid media and social media marketing 
•    Develop a promotional strategy for the free shipping microsite "BeautytapASAP"
•    Develop content and copy that resonates with the target audience 
•    Ideate and produce a new initiative for holiday sales
For market research and the digital audit we uncovered: 
•Digital Audit: audience demographics, relationship statuses (high single and interest in dating), top affinity categories (including media & entertainment, food & dining, and pet lovers), spending behaviors, conversion and retention, devices, Instagram insights, hashtag statistics, competitors, customer journeys, click-through and bounce rates, similar audience likes on social channels, key channel traffic, locations (both city and world), top performing landing pages
•Market Research: audience preferences and trends (Millennial and Gen-Z), Beauty content trends (educational content and product ingredients), "K-Approaches" to consumer, challenges and solutions of K-Beauty in the US market, men & facial products, customer personas, 
That resulted in a summary and recommendations including a SWOT analysis, new opportunities, testing initiatives and enhancements. 
For our new customer acquisitions and evergreen BeautytapASAP and social media promotional strategy: 
•We divided and conquered across three main channels to drive sales and identified KPIs and sales targets, increasing sales by nearly 50% and a 1.5x increase in weekly active users and visitors across the board: 
- Social 
- Editorial 
- IRL (South Coast Plaza) 
For BeautytapASAP our key objective was to create primary messaging for smaller $ purchases and value deals (no cost in shipping) in order to tap into the gift buyer's mentality: 
- Buy smaller items (under $50) for quick shoppers and value shoppers 
- Create copy that is time-sensitive, promotional and urgent to raise revenue for holiday season 
- Prioritize exclusive messaging that highlights value proposition of shopping on BeautytapASAP versus Amazon Prime ​​​​​​​
For the holiday sales, we ideated pre-packaged themed boxes to tap into the gift buyer's mentality and promote self-care called “BeautyKits”
We promoted sales through paid media and live events across Southern California. Our personal favorite was: "It's a Netflix and Sheet Kind of Weekend" 
Beautykits: The Series
Social and IRL Promotions: Organic and Paid   
Weekly, we identified our sales target and presented analytical findings (visits, conversions) as well as revenue reports and campaign sprint strategies (promotional campaigns, digital sprints, top of the funnel and brand identity) to the CEO. By the end of December, we identified a steady 50%+ weekly revenue growth and a 2x increase in weekly active purchasers. 
The business continues to grow and #tapwithin is stronger than ever. #Beautytap​​​​​​​
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