Founder and "Lucky Sis" to a #LuckyFin Angel
Amelia Awareness is a non-profit, filing for a 501c3, that is on a mission to increase awareness about Amelia - a birth defect of lacking one or more limbs, or shrunken or deformed limbs. We work to get kids and families affected by Amelia inspired and empowered by connecting them with role models and providing helpful resources for rehabilitation. The idea is to partner with other brands and companies that work with individuals living with missing limbs. One brand in particular we aspire to work with is Wounded Warriors, with the aim to develop a child-veteran mentorship program. 
Amelia is an extremely rare birth defect, however still prevalent enough with little to no resources to those affected. Causes are linked to autosomal recessive, X linked dominant and autosomal mode of inheritance. The incidence range is rare, from 0.053 to 0.095 in 10,000 live births.
Kids deserve to know that they are not "different" or "strange" and that there is a whole community of thriving individuals with #limbdeficiencies. We work to empower. 

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