From the small details to the big picture, we design and ideate products and services that are accessible to, and usable by, as many people as possible.

WHY Small Meet Large: We pay attention to the details and WE LISTEN. 
Inna Ulanova is the Founder of Small Meet Large, a company focused on design for all abilities.
There have always been leaders and followers in our society, and one can examine this instinctual pattern through the earliest ages of child play. The strongest, most energetic and resourceful child will often take charge and the other children will follow. Yet, as we become older and enter into more complex situations, leadership and strength can be redefined.
The mission behind Small Meet Large is to design for all abilities and level the playing field for future leaders to redefine strength. We build inclusive and adaptive brands that are aligned to the three core SML values: empathy, creative play, and science.
Inna has spent the past 10 years consulting C-level suite executives, startup teams and Fortune 500 global corporations on marketing strategy, strategic campaign development and communications. With a background in consumer psychology and a passion for neuromarketing, Inna provides invaluable insight and research into human motivations, preferences and decisions.
Inna earned an MBA with High Honors from UCA Rochester in the UK after earning a Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude, in Psychology at Fordham University in New York. ​​​​​​​
Client List: GE Digital, GE Ventures, Citi, BlackRock, Church & Dwight (Trojan), VFC (Vans and Kipling), Ricoh, Novo Nordisk, Johnson & Johnson, Alnylam, USSA, City Point, Hasselblad, Crane Aerospace & Electronics, Vyve, BeautyTap, SXSW, DxLabs, Elke Walter, DIRECTV, Chlorophyll Water, Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, Caden NYC, Loft in the Red Zone, Reservoir and DreamNation
Inna is also the Founder of Amelia Awareness, a non-profit on a mission to inspire and empower children born with Amelia by connecting them with role models and providing helpful resources for families to learn more about the latest technology in prosthetics / artificial limbs. Amelia Awareness is dedicated to a very special boy with one very lucky fin. ​​​​​​​
-    Marketing Communications & Brand Strategy (Brand Story, Visual Identity and Tone of Voice)
-    Innovation Storytelling & Video Scriptwriting 
-    Market Research with an Emphasis on Consumer Preferences & Behaviors
-    User Experience Design & Production (UX Research, User Journey Mapping and Interaction Design)
-    Executive Thought Leadership and Workshop Creation​​​​​​​
Read my personal story about why brain health, why neuroscience and why wellness advocacy here.
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